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Workforce / Talent in Jefferson County Florida

Our local workforce is diverse in culture, economics and education. Drawn from the region, including Florida’s two major Universities, they can fill a variety of positions.

Map of Infrastructure in Jefferson County Florida showing 60-mile radius

Map showing 60-mile radius around Jefferson County, FL (click to enlarge)

Jefferson County’s major employers are in the agri-business, healthcare and public sectors. Others include transportation, light manufacturing, financial services and retail.

Our local labor force is approximately 5,000, and our geographic location draws employees from several surrounding counties, including some in Georgia.

Two nationally recognized state universities, Florida State and Florida A&M, are located in Tallahassee, which along with Tallahassee Community College and Lively Vocational-Technical College, serve more than 45,000 students.

Two and four-year degrees are also available at Valdosta State College (Georgia), North Florida Community College, Thomas County Community College (Georgia) and the Troy State University (Alabama) adjunct college.

Vocational training is available at Thomasville Vo-Tech (Georgia) and a private business-studies school, Keiser College, offers a variety of course studies.

Business and industrial researchers will find two of the world’s few “supercomputers,” a CYBER 205 and the nation’s first ETA-10, located on the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee. Along with the Supercomputer Computations Research Institute (SCRI), FSU is home of the Tandem Van de Graaf Superconducting Accelerator and the Center for Materials Research and Technology.

Florida State also boasts the new National High Magnetic Field Laboratories, the only such installation in the Southeast, having beaten some stiff competition – including MIT – for this high-tech honor.

Florida A&M University counts one of the country’s premiere business schools, full pharmacology and architectural programs and the International Translation Center (ITC) among its tutorial assets.

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Counties surrounding Jefferson County, FL

Map of Jefferson and surrounding counties in north Florida


2016 Population Estimates 287,822
Educational Attainment: Percent high school graduate or higher 92.3%
2016 Population Estimates 31,893
Educational Attainment: Percent high school graduate or higher 88.9%
2016 Population Estimates 22,175
Educational Attainment: Percent high school graduate or higher 76.3%
2016 Population Estimates 18,224
Educational Attainment: Percent high school graduate or higher 82.0%
Thomas County, Georgia
2016 Population Estimates 45,248
Educational Attainment: Percent high school graduate or higher 81.1%
Total Population with Jefferson County 419,268