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Manufacturing in Jefferson County Florida, Jefferson County, FL
Manufacturing and Production in Jefferson County, FL, Jefferson County, FL

Clean, Mid-Sized Manufacturing Can Compete Regionally, Nationally, Even Globally from Jefferson County Florida

Jefferson County is located at the edge of the North Central and North West Regions of Florida. These rural regions are quickly emerging as areas of opportunity for manufacturing in the Southeastern United States.

Our competitively priced land, access to major transportation systems and eager workforce provide clear advantages to companies that choose to locate here.

Industries that are particularly well-suited to a rural, agrarian region such as ours may include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Logging and timber
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Ag-based industries
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism support


Jefferson County Map of transportation hubs

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Atlanta, GAUS 19255
Miami International, FLI10, US75, Turnpike465
Tallahassee, FLI1035
Jacksonville, FLI10
Port of St. Joe, FLI10133
Pensacola, FLI10223
Mobile, ALI10270
  • Highways systems and access to airports and seaports
  • Proximity to major markets and important business resources
  • Positioned between Florida’s two nationally ranked, flagship universities
  • Large, diverse and dynamic workforce
  • Good tax advantages and exemptions in the State of Florida

For a comprehensive and recent report of manufacturing in North Florida, download the Rural Area Manufacturing Study, 2016 (PDF)

Success Story

Aerial view of VizCO solar panels

VizCo US

VizCo-US, a plastics manufacturer in Jefferson County since 2007, is Florida’s only, completely solar-powered manufacturer. The plant, solar array and surrounding acreage (on which sheep graze, eliminating the need for mowing) occupy nearly half of a 10-acre field in the Jefferson County Industrial Park.

VizCo produces innovative components for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. These products, which include alarms, drain pans and pipe clamps for water heater tanks, are largely fabricated at the Jefferson County facility and marketed worldwide.

Most recently, VizCo added to its offerings the Simple Garden, or “SimGar,” a solar-powered, self-watering, self-aerating, indoor/outdoor, portable plant-growing unit.