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Doing business in Jefferson County, FL, Jefferson County, FL
Commerce in Jefferson County, FL, Jefferson County, FL

Commerce: Doing Business in Jefferson County Florida

If moving goods from manufacturers to consumers is your business, you should consider Jefferson County’s ample, affordable sites. We have excellent interstate access, 4-lane highways, passenger and cargo air service are minutes away and two deep water ports are within a 200 mile radius.

Whether you are a large distributor, transportation or logistics company or warehouse, Jefferson County can serve your industry well.

Jefferson County Map of transportation hubs


We provide a business-friendly attitude and a commitment to relocating and growing your enterprise in Jefferson County, Florida.

With the right telecommunications equipment and a good transportation system, companies can do business almost anywhere. They can work where they want to live – not live where they have to work.


  • Located at the intersection of major U.S. transportation corridors
  • Close proximity to airports, seaports and other business resources
  • Positioned between two flagship universities – Florida State University and the University of Florida
  • Only minutes from Tallahassee, the state capital
  • Large, diverse and dynamic workforce
  • An Industrial Park on US 19, 2 miles from the interstate, has parcels available for small scale manufacturing, processing and distribution.
  • Good tax advantages and exemptions in the State of Florida

Success Story

Simpson Nurseries, Jefferson County, FL

Simpson Nurseries

Simpson Nurseries, Inc. is a leading producer of trees and shrubs for wholesale in the United States. Their 100-plus year history of success in Jefferson County is a result of their innovative ideas and approaches, and our strategic location and climate.

Simpson Nurseries is also committed to sound environmental practices. 100% of the local municipality’s treated effluent is used by Simpson’s for irrigation – conserving groundwater and lowering costs for the company.